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The Excerpt podcast: AI has been unleashed. Should we be concerned? (www.usatoday.com)

TLDR; Summary

- The unleashing of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) without regulation or guardrails has raised concerns about its risks and dangers. - AI holds promise in fields like healthcare, law enforcement, and military, but there are also dangers associated with its use. - In healthcare, there are concerns about the evaluation and deployment of AI systems, as well as potential biases in data and performance. - The use of AI in law enforcement, particularly facial recognition, raises ethical and legal concerns, including issues of accuracy and bias. - The use of AI in armed combat, such as autonomous weapons, raises questions about responsible decision-making and ethical implications. - AI can be used in election interference, such as generating misinformation or deepfake videos, posing challenges to election integrity. - AI can also be used in fraud, including phishing attacks and deepfake calls, which require vigilance and awareness to guard against. - Despite the risks, AI also holds promise in solving problems and improving various aspects of life, but it needs to be deployed sensibly and with caution. - Regulation of AI is a complex challenge, with the need