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Hypersonix Revolutionizes Retail Decision-Making with AI-Driven Insights (www.usatoday.com)

TLDR; Summary

  • Hypersonix, Inc. uses AI-driven platform ProfitGPT to provide fast and data-driven insights for retail decision-making
  • ProfitGPT offers modules like Pricing AI, Competitor AI, Forecasting AI, Promo AI, and Inventory AI
  • Company aims to empower businesses of all sizes with AI technology for success in a competitive market
  • Founder Prem Kiran emphasizes transparency to build client trust in AI-driven decision-making
  • Case study shows Hypersonix's success in optimizing prices for a regional supermarket
  • Company focuses on augmenting human decision-making with AI insights for better strategies
  • Continues mission of democratizing data science for merchants of all sizes