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Privacy-preserving technologies are about to have their hockey-stick moment (tech.eu)

TLDR; Summary

  • Deeptech startups account for 20% of venture capital investments
  • Deeptech startups spend considerable R&D resources to solve difficult scientific/engineering problems
  • Privacy-preserving technologies are a key area of deeptech
  • Trends in cryptography in 2024 include:
    • Heightened awareness and demand for data privacy
    • Regulatory pressures and compliance requirements
    • Technological advancements and challenges
    • Investor recognition of long-term potential
  • Privacy tech is viewed as a fundamental requirement for future technological advancements
  • Investments in privacy tech are driven by the risks associated with privacy breaches
  • Consumer demand for privacy-focused products and services is increasing
  • Europe's strong regulatory framework for data protection has positioned it at the forefront of the privacy tech industry
  • Emerging technologies in privacy and