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OpenDialog raises $8M to boost conversational AI in regulated industries (tech.eu)

TLDR; Summary

  • OpenDialog has raised over $8 million in a Series A round led by AlbionVC.
  • OpenDialog develops conversational AI technology suitable for use in regulated industries.
  • The company's no-code platform allows enterprises in healthcare and insurance to build AI-powered chatbots and digital assistants tailored to their specific business and regulatory needs.
  • OpenDialog uses a context-first, multi-agent methodology to automate multi-step business processes through natural conversation.
  • Recent use cases include triaging eligibility for a class-action lawsuit and interacting with people reporting adverse effects from medicine use.
  • Since its seed round in spring 2022, OpenDialog has quadrupled its headcount and raised a total of $13 million.
  • The funding will be used for R&D and to accelerate expansion into the US market.