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Arc search: New AI companion combines a browser, search and chatbot (readwrite.com)

TLDR; Summary

  • Arc Search is a new app that combines web browsing, search, and AI capabilities into one service.
  • Developed by The Browser Company, creators of the Arc web browser.
  • Arc Search automatically generates custom webpages with summarized information on any topic.
  • Uses AI to scan multiple websites and extract key details to build a unique mini site with bullets, stats, context, and links related to the search query.
  • Shift in strategy for The Browser Company, focusing on mobile app and expanded AI capabilities.
  • Currently only available on Apple's iOS, but rumors of coming to Android.
  • Open questions about content attribution, publisher relationships, personalization, and AI concerns.
  • Free download, providing opportunities for The Browser Company to court mobile users and improve AI models.
  • Presents a scrappy alternative to traditional search engines.