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The Doomsday Clock is still at 90 seconds to midnight. But what does that mean? (phys.org)

TLDR; Summary

  • The Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight
  • The Doomsday Clock is a visual metaphor for humanity's proximity to catastrophe
  • The clock is determined by a group of nuclear, climate, and technology experts
  • The clock was initially created in 1947 after the invention of the atomic bomb
  • The clock has been moved 25 times since its creation
  • The current setting of the clock reflects the risks of nuclear weapons, climate change, biological threats, and advances in artificial intelligence
  • The Doomsday Clock is a metaphor and symbol rather than a precise measurement
  • There are other methods, such as national risk assessments and global risk reports, to assess and prioritize threats