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How to build your own robot friend: Making AI education more accessible (phys.org)

TLDR; Summary

  • USC researchers developed a low-cost learning kit for students to build their own "robot friend" for AI education.
  • Students can personalize the robot's "body," program it, and learn about AI ethics and fairness.
  • The kit aims to make AI education more accessible and affordable for students at different levels.
  • The kit is based on an open-source hardware design with 3D-printed components to reduce costs.
  • Students can further customize their robot friend with accessories like color-changing lights or expressive face screens.
  • The system was piloted in a workshop with positive feedback from participants, encouraging further study in robotics and AI.
  • The team plans to improve the module for high school and K-12 students to expand access to AI education.
  • The researchers aim to ensure people from different socioeconomic backgrounds have the opportunity to learn about AI.