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GPT-3 transforms chemical research (phys.org)

TLDR; Summary

  • Artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, is becoming crucial in chemical research
  • Machine learning requires large amounts of data, which can be a limitation in chemical research
  • Scientists at EPFL have used GPT-3, a large language model, to simplify chemical analysis
  • GPT-3 is fine-tuned with a small dataset of questions and answers to provide accurate chemical insights
  • The approach developed by EPFL researchers is simple, fast, and highly accurate, outperforming traditional machine learning models
  • This method could revolutionize how chemical research is conducted, making it as easy as conducting a literature search
  • Querying foundational models like GPT-3 could become a routine way to bootstrap projects in chemistry
  • The study suggests that this approach will change the way chemistry is done